Residential Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is complicated and difficult.  With the ever-changing market, complicated rules and processes, and so many services, contractors, and others involved, it can be very overwhelming.  At Landing, we try to make it easier because we believe that the easier real estate transactions are, the better it is for our dynamic and growing community.

Why Maine?

Maine has officially been America’s Vacationland since 1936.  For generations, our mountains and skiing, our shorelines and incredible seafood, our crusty mariners, and industrious farmers have captured the imagination of the nation.  There’s a good reason that all of the Maine cities that qualified for consideration made the list of the best cities to live in in the United States (according to the Chamber of Commerce). 

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Maine is a magical place that somehow balances all the rustic glory of virtually untouched wilderness little more than a thirty-minute drive from anywhere in the state with some of the fastest-growing cities in the country.  If you’ve lived here all your life, it’s easy to overlook these natural and communal assets, but if you’re “from away” you no doubt wake up every day so glad to be here.  

At Landing, we fundamentally appreciate both perspectives with co-founders from both Portland and California.  With the dual insights of native and new Mainers, we appreciate all of Maine’s hidden treasures.  This is why we serve the largest geographic area of Maine we can manage with excellent coverage and many agents spreading from Bangor to Kittery. 

Landing’s Process

The approach we take to real estate at Landing is very simple and pretty unique.  It’s in line with our mission to provide our clients with the best possible service.  We operate as the hub and central command for all the moving pieces of your real estate venture.

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Our Landing team has spent many years developing deep networks and an understanding of every step of the process for residential real estate transactions. Our agents are trained differently than at other firms, thanks to the lifelong experts at the heart of our organization. Our training doesn’t stop at licensing, rather, we expect true excellence from every member of our team.

Our many years of experience have also shown our team just about every common, uncommon, and rare problem that can come up in this industry.  If your individual broker is stumped, there’s a large, close-knit team to support them with broader expertise.  With our focus on providing excellent customer service, you can expect quick, thorough answers to your questions and responsive solutions to any issues that might arise.

Whether you’re going through the process of selling your current property or trying to find a new place to call home, or even if you’re trying to manage both of these difficult tasks at the same time, Landing Real Estate can make the process a lot easier.  With centuries of collective real estate experience, our large team of Maine-based professionals is equipped with powerful marketing and market research skills that make them suited to both sides of real estate transactions. 

What Qualifies As Residential Real Estate?

The line between residential and commercial real estate can be a little unclear if you aren’t well versed in the various rules and laws that apply to Maine real estate.  Many properties are obviously commercial such as office buildings, restaurants, storefronts, and so on.  Did you know that large apartment complexes are also commercial buildings, though?  The following are the types of residential real estate we can help you with.

Single Family Homes

Single Family Homes are the classic single-family dwellings we all think of.  Any house intended to be a single cohesive living space used by one family is considered a single-family home.  These constitute the vast majority of the real estate transactions that we facilitate.  This is less due to specialization, and more due to the overwhelming demand for buying and selling this type of home.


Multi-Units are buildings designed or retrofitted to house more than one family.  Small apartment complexes, a traditional house with a mother-in-law’s suite, duplexes and triplexes are all common examples of this type of housing.  We can and do help clients to buy and sell these properties on a regular basis.  However, multi-units with more than four units are considered commercial properties, not residential properties. Though we are primarily a residential real estate agency, we can still help you with commercial properties.

Investment Property

Investment Property is any property being purchased with the intention of making more money than is spent purchasing, fixing, and reselling the property.  Flipping properties, purchasing properties to rent out, and speculatively purchasing property below expected future value are all examples of this.  We will be happy to assist you with purchasing and selling investment properties and have a great deal of hands-on experience doing just that.


Subdivisions are divided into parcels of land that are often associated with suburbs and planned community development.  As your all-in-one residential real estate solution, Landing can help you to purchase land and find the right professionals to help you plan and execute a subdivision.  Our trusted network of developers and other contractors can help you turn unproductive, undeveloped land into homes that will serve the community for generations.


Condominiums are similar to apartments, however, unlike apartment buildings which typically have one overall owner and various renting tenants, condos are owned by individuals who then are all equally responsible for maintenance of the building through the formation of a condo association.  We are fully prepared to get you into a new condo that meets all your needs or to sell one that’s no longer a fit for your lifestyle.

I highly recommend Lisa DiBiase. Lisa is very attentive and whenever I had a question or needed assistance, she would quickly respond and act. She offered good advice during negotiations and is very knowledgeable about buying and selling properties in Maine, or building a new home. She is an agent you can trust to do the job right and have your best interests as a priority. I will definitely recommend her to everyone and will definitely use her again in the future.

- Cynthia Olson

Matt was great to work with and very responsive to my needs and schedule. I was a little high maintenance to be sure, but Matt was patient and helpful and we ended up finding and closing on the perfect home in no time at all! From my first condo to this latest purchase, all of my home purchases and sales were done with his help. I would recommend him without reservation.

- Andrew