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Your trusted partner for all your real estate needs in Maine since 2011 and for all the years to come!

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet every challenge on the path to landing at your forever home in Maine.

Whether you want to build a home on undeveloped land, find a new home ready for you to move in, or a classic New England house with character and rustic charm, we will work with you directly on every step of your journey as not just a real estate agency, but as your personal liaison for all the needs, various professionals, and contractors who will be involved in your real estate journey.

In this industry, there is a strong core of traditional values Realtors®  we hold fast to integrity, determination, and empathetic understanding of your needs and dreams.  However, as with so many other aspects of our lives, there has also been a rapid and explosive growth of the role that information technology plays in our work.  We continue to strive to remain on the cutting edge of innovative new technologies in real estate with digital listings and communications complimenting the tried and true conventional interpersonal strategies that still drive results.  It’s easy to fall behind the latest advancements or to leave behind valuable human-driven approaches in the race to remain relevant.  We believe that we strike that nuanced balance in our effort to help you land at your new home.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Maine, you understand how special it is.  We share your love and passion for this incredible state and want to help you explore it fully as a home-owning resident.  If you’re ready to sell a home that no longer suits you and your needs, find a home that does, or invest in property, our team of experienced real estate professionals is here to support and guide you.

Featured Properties

Discover the vibrant communities and breathtaking landscapes of Southern Maine with Landing Real Estate. Offering an extensive selection of homes in Southern Maine, we connect buyers with residences that suit their unique lifestyles and aspirations. Whether you’re searching for a modern family home, a coastal retreat, or a rustic hideaway, let us guide you to your perfect property in this beautiful corner of the Pine Tree State. Explore Southern Maine with us, and let’s find your dream home together.

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Our Services

New Construction Builds

If what you need isn’t already out there, or it’s simply not available on the market right now, we have the expertise, industry knowledge, and vast network of connections needed to build your new home from scratch.

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We can coordinate the team needed to make any home a reality.  From architects and interior designers to carpenters and electricians, we can give you a single point of contact that makes getting your new home built and ready to move into as easy and simple as possible, without sacrificing the control and customization you want.

There is no reason to compromise on your new home, it’s the most important investment you can make in a better life.  Let us help you make it exactly what you envision.

Ready to Land at your new home? Call Landing Real Estate today at 207-775-7653 and learn how we can help you sell your old house and find, buy, or build a new home in Maine. 

Buying Residential Real Estate

Finding a home that meets all your needs in this beautiful state can be a real challenge.  With such varied and vast geography, history, communities, and climates, Maine means something a little different to everyone who experiences it. 

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We want, first and foremost, to understand and get to know you and what will make your new space in Maine into the perfect home. This helps us to narrow our search and achieve the perfect outcome you’re dreaming of. Maybe you want a beach house to vacation at for generations to come. Perhaps you want to find a place within easy distance of one of Maine’s beautiful mountains for winter sports, or maybe you want to find a sanctuary to call home in one of Maine’s growing cities. Regardless of what a “Maine home” is to you, we will help you find it, buy it, and make it yours.

Selling Residential Real Estate

If you’re ready to move on from your home, sell an investment property, or otherwise get a property onto the market, we want to help.

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We aggressively market properties for sale throughout the state.  By combining the conventional print marketing and mailing approaches with cutting-edge digital approaches, we make selling your property easier, faster, and more profitable.  Our focus on attracting a wide range of buyers results in a competitive buying environment that gets you the best possible price for your property.

Real Estate Investments

As experts within the Maine real estate market, we understand the market forces, renovation requirements, and other key factors that ultimately make real estate investments successful.

Our Commitment to Our Community

As a locally owned and operated Real Estate firm, we truly care and are deeply involved and invested in our community.  This is because this is our community.  We live, work, sleep, shop, eat, and do business here.  As a result it’s only natural that we strive to support our community and the many organizations that help it to thrive.  We have an ongoing commitment to supporting the essential charitable organizations in our community.  Here are just a few of the organizations we’ve supported:

We’re so proud to have raised thousands of dollars and volunteered hundreds of hours over the years for our local charities and organizations.

Hops for Heat

We have partnered with local craft brewers to make Hops for Heat a very successful annual program to raise money for heating oil for Maine families in need through the keepMEwarm program at the United Way of Greater Portland.  100% of the funds we raise go directly to the keepMEwarm initiative every year.  With corporate sponsorship, raffle tickets, and proceeds from sales of the beer brewed for our initiative, we have been able to help many families stay warm through the long Maine winters.