Our Agency

What Can Landing Do For You?

There are several ways we will help you within the realm of residential real estate. Regardless of whether you’re buying or selling, we will act decisively, quickly, and wisely to make sure we’re doing the best work possible for you and achieving your goals in less time than you expect.  With so many agents, networks, and our deep involvement in our Maine community, we have the collective expertise and connections to help you buy or sell on your terms, fast.


We can help you find and negotiate terms when purchasing land, single-family homes, multi-units up to four units, investment properties, and condos.  We take the time to first understand exactly what you’re looking for and need, narrow down the search so we only get results that will match your needs, then swiftly and aggressively pursue properties that meet all your criteria.


We sell many homes and properties every year and not just because Maine is a beautiful state with a thriving real estate market.  We market properties aggressively and creatively, with a range of approaches that get the job done.  We use our long experience to craft the best printed materials and reach out to the best markets through conventional advertising, but we also have grown with the times and technologies opened up to our field.  We market digitally across several platforms, including social media, where we don’t just generate interest, but serious buyers who want to buy your property quickly.  

Our Mission

The Mission of Landing Real Estate is simple.  We will work doggedly to pursue your interests as our client.  We will sell your property for top dollar and negotiate the best terms possible for your purchases.  We will not idle away the time once you’ve listed with us, or engaged us in finding your dream home, but achieve your desired outcome in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our Locations

South Portland

Our South Portland location is at 780 Broadway near the Knightville neighborhood, and a stone’s throw from Portland.  This beautiful building gets lots of natural light and embodies an open concept, with lots of open air and communal space.  We do have a couple of offices available for private meetings here, but the focus of this location is on the inviting shared space on the main level.


Our Windham location is at 79 Tandberg Trail in the heart of North Windham.  Windham is Portland’s gateway to the West and an important urban hub for the Sebago Lakes region.  We are very proud of this location as it’s one we built specifically for our offices.  We have many relatively private offices on site and emphasize natural light and open air here as well.  

Working with Landing

Our Process

With more than 60 agents and centuries of collective experience, it’s no wonder that Landing is one of the most trusted local brands in Real Estate in Southern Maine! Our vast network of connections with contractors, designers, architects, investors, mortgage companies, other realtors, and so many other important individuals involved in real estate and property development multiply the efficacy of our team many fold. 

When you work with Landing, you’re working with an interconnected team of professionals dedicated to quickly achieving your real estate goals, not just an individual agent, or an office with a handful of active agents. Unlike so many big box real estate agencies that rely on the mere size of their brand to engender trust, we count on the results we achieve and the thrilled clients we strive to provide with the best possible customer service to spread trust and recognition for our brand.

As a client to our team, you can anticipate rapid responses to questions, concerns, and updated priorities and parameters.  After all, we are in this industry to serve your needs as a buyer or seller of residential real estate.  This means we don’t sit on listings for weeks before taking action, or blame inactivity on “the market.” We move properties with aggressive marketing strategies that work.  We find the perfect property for you by scouring listings and reaching out to our networks, not by showing you a handful of homes listed by our own agency. 

The difference when working with Landing over the other agencies available isn’t just the size of our brand, or the rate of our growth, it’s our dedication to actually being the best at what we do.  When a team of individuals as experienced and capable as ours is dedicated and resourceful, there is almost nothing we can’t accomplish.  That’s what Landing Real Estate brings to you.

I highly recommend Lisa DiBiase. Lisa is very attentive and whenever I had a question or needed assistance, she would quickly respond and act. She offered good advice during negotiations and is very knowledgeable about buying and selling properties in Maine, or building a new home. She is an agent you can trust to do the job right and have your best interests as a priority. I will definitely recommend her to everyone and will definitely use her again in the future.

- Cynthia Olson

Matt was great to work with and very responsive to my needs and schedule. I was a little high maintenance to be sure, but Matt was patient and helpful and we ended up finding and closing on the perfect home in no time at all! From my first condo to this latest purchase, all of my home purchases and sales were done with his help. I would recommend him without reservation.

- Andrew